Rachel K. Zall

Rachel Katie Zall is an author, performing artist and hat enthusiast who creates erotica, poetry and comic books focusing on trans women's sexualities.


"I want to come while the media still has their microphones on, to scream Natalie's name on the six o'clock news. I want to show the world that I'm not afraid, that I'm exactly what they say I am and also that I'm not, and if they can only see one of those two that's their problem. Natalie is kissing the back of my neck and her cock is deep inside me. Manic birds are chattering to one another in the trees outside, announcing a thunderstorm coming to break the heat. The partiers next door are drunkenly singing, their children have been called inside. Reporters are taking reactions from the neighbors, cameras rolling. Out of the soup of language, two words keep rising from the street: fire, electricity, fire, electricity." - from The Visible Woman

THE VISIBLE WOMAN in Take Me There (Cleis Press, ed. Tristan Taormino)

WELCOME in Nerve Endings (Instar Press, ed. Tobi Hill-Meyer)

CONTROL in Meanwhile, Elsewhere (Topside Press, ed. Casey Plett & Cat Fitzpatrick) - Coming this fall!


EXILES with artist Christianne Benedict
(not currently available for purchase online, but the main story can be found here)


Katie is taking a much-needed hiatus from poetry, but her books The Oxygen Catastrophe and New Problems are still floating around online probably, and video of one of her shows is available for viewing: